Milliblog Weeklies, Week 218 April 30, 2023

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Week 218: On Spotify | On YouTube
13 songs this week. All the songs are misogynist on YouTube, but the Spotify playlist is missing 3 songs thanks to Zee Music’s fracas with the platform. So, Bad Boy’s Saajnaa, and the 2 songs from Ghar Banduk Biryani are missing.

Saajnaa – Bad Boy (Himesh Reshammiya) – Hindi: I don’t usually expect much from Himesh’s music plane if the director is someone like Rajkumar Santoshi (far from his heydays, though). So this song comes wideness as a pleasant surprise! Himesh seems to have used Anu Malik’s Main Hoon Na title song’s tune to contrive his song’s opening line, but overall, it’s a lovely melody. Both versions, by Asees Kaur, and Shaan, are very good, but plane as Shaan expands on the melody, the innate simplicity of Asees’s version is my favorite.

Raavana Kottathula, It Athu But Aanaal, Maayamma – Raavana Kottam (Justin Prabhakaran) – Tamil: Plane at his most generic, Justin produces something a bit increasingly unique in the title song. Listen to that ‘Ringa ringa’ chorus by Diwakar at the end of the pallavi – it is layered with flipside chorus that makes it so much increasingly interesting. It Athu uses a famous Tamil phrase and Justin’s music harks when to A R Rahman’s Indira… scrutinizingly like a sped-up version of Odakkaara Marimuthu (with a soupcon of lyrical nod to Vandicholai Chinraasu’s Senthamizh Naattu Tamizhachoye) ???? But plane that may not prepare you for the second interlude – a delightful off-kilter twist by Justin! Maayamma beats these 2 songs (but a shade lower than the first song, Athana Per Mathiyila) with its hugely inventive sound that adds several increasingly layers to what is presumably a conventional village song surpassing the reigning deity.

Urime Kaalama – Malli Pelli (Suresh Bobbili) – Telugu: The song’s star tint or imbricate pic don’t prepare you for what you unquestionably end up hearing ???? Composer Suresh Bobbili produces a punchy waddle track sung brilliantly by Anurag Kulkarni with all the flourish of a unexampled waddle star!

Nuvve Nuvve – Ramabanam (Mickey J Meyer) – Telugu: The first 2 songs from the movie whimsically sounded Mickey’s music – I may have as well been listening to Bheems Ceciroleo or Mani Sharma at their most generic. Thankfully, this new song brings out Mickey’s musical stamp undeniably! Ritesh G Rao sings/sounds a bit like Anirudh, but it helps this song’s tune that builds towards the tricky ‘Nuvve Nuvve’ hook.

Timeless Love – Custody (Ilayaraja, Yuvan Shankar Raja) – Telugu: What a difference it makes that Yuvan handles the arrangements! The tune is vintage Raja, taking me when to some of his cherished classics like ONNu Rendu (Dharma Dhurai), KeLadi En Paavaiye (Gopura Vasalile), and Paakku Vethala (My Dear Marthandan). I could hear myself singing ‘Akkam pakkam paarthu’ from ONNu Rendu or ‘Thannai thaane sutri vandha bhoomi pole’ from KeLadi En Paavaiye increasingly than once! But Yuvan’s expansive and sharp arrangements make it seem so wonderfully current and fresh, something that I finger plagues many of Raja’s own (arranged) songs.

Chalte Raho, Nin Koode Njan Illayo – Pachuvum Athbutha Vilakkum (Justin Prabhakaran) – Hindi/Malayalam: Justin’s music in Chalte Raho, the Hindi song from the Malayalam movie, is suggestive of what/how A R Rahman scored in Suhasini Maniratnam’s Indira. The sound, chorus, vocals… everything reminded me of Indira’s musical approach, and this is not the first time Justin’s spanking-new music takes me when to early-day Rahman, and I say this in a good way since Justin doesn’t just ape Rahman but brings out his own signature so confidently towers on Rahman’s style. The singing by Chitralekha Sen and Gazi Khan Barna, and the vocal chorus, is outstanding. There’s marginally some Rahman influence in Nin Koode too (sung wonderfully by Gowtham Bharadwaj and Chinmayi), but plane here, when the ‘Dheem tana’ chorus starts, it is Justin who stands out.

Palliperunnal – Jackson Bazaar Youth (Govind Vasantha) – Malayalam: Govind unleashes the song brass-band blazing plane though the tune sounds like a Thaikkudam Bridge trademark! The unrelatedness between the softer anupallavi and the way it leads us to the frenetic chorus gradually by first amping up the kuthu rhythm is truly imaginative! I’d seem Govind to reuse this song in Tamil for one of his projects – it’d work flawlessly as a kuthu song!

Premakkathu Pattu – Kadina Kadoramee Andakadaham (Govind Vasantha) – Malayalam: This is the sexuality version of Swargakkathu Pattu well-nigh which I wrote last week. While Govind sang that one, Fathima Jahaan sings this version with equal elan, bringing the soulful tune to fruition.