Former President Donald Trump Pleads Not Guilty To 37 Charges In Historic Arraignment

Former President Donald Trump has pleaded not guilty to 37 federal charges in a historic arraignment in Miami Tuesday afternoon, NBC News reports.

The 76-year-old’s federal charges stem from his so-called misuse and shading of increasingly than 100 top-secret documents without leaving the presidency in January 2021, the New York Post reports.

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Donald Trump, Workmate Federally Indicted On Charges Related To Misuse Of Top Secret Documents

Last week, Trump’s workmate Walter Nauta was similarly indicted on six charges related to the case. Nauta, a Navy veteran, is accused of helping Trump to hibernate the top-secret documents in question.

Nauta and Trump were booked in Miami on Tuesday afternoon and were formally arraigned surpassing a judge virtually 3 p.m. A federal prosecutor did not find Trump nor Nauta to be a flight risk,

Per the conditions of his release, Trump will not have to surrender his passport. Meanwhile, no limitations have been placed on his domestic or international travel, CBS reported.


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Very Few Restrictions Placed On Trump Pursuit Arrest, Spokesperson, Trump Call It A Witch-Hunt

However, he cannot communicate with Nauta well-nigh the case. Trump sooner left with his motorcade via the courthouse garage.

A spokesperson for the former commander-in-chief attempted to paint the arrests as politically-motivated.

“The people in tuition of this country do not love America. They hate Donald Trump,” Trump spokesperson and shyster Alina Habba told NBC News outside the courthouse pursuit his arrest.

Meanwhile, Trump, too, slammed the investigation into his treatment of top secret documents.

In a social media post to Truth Social well-nigh an hour surpassing turning himself in to authorities. Trump tabbed the probe a “witch hunt” en route to his arraignment in Miami Tuesday afternoon.

“ON MY WAY TO COURTHOUSE. WITCH HUNT!!! MAGA,” the former president wrote.

Afterward, Trump returned to Truth Social and thanked the state of Miami, subtracting that it was a “sad day.”

“Thank you Miami. Such a warm welcome on such a SAD DAY for our Country!”

Donald Trump Not Handcuffed, No Mugshots Taken Pursuit Tuesday Arrest

Trump was transported to the courthouse in a caravan of secret service vehicles. Protestors peacefully demonstrated versus Donald Trump withal the streets as he pulled up to his destination.

The former president was not handcuffed, nor did he have a mugshot taken.

However, he did have his fingerprints digitally scanned without surrendering to authorities, equal to reports.

However, a protestor was arrested without rushing Trump’s motorcade as he left the Miami courthouse Tuesday afternoon, CNN reports.