Danielle Savre and Kevin McKidd Relationship

Kevin McKidd and Danielle Savre, who both feature in Shonda Rhimes-produced programs, have been dating since going public in June 2023.

The couple were first photographed together in Italy that month. Since then, they’ve shared Instagram videos from travels around the globe and made their red carpet début at the Global Down Syndrome Foundation's 15th Annual Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show in Denver in November 2023.

Two months later, the couple attended The Walt Disney Company’s 2023 Emmy Awards Celebration, where McKidd opened up to PEOPLE about his relationship with Savre, saying, “I feel fortunate on many levels in my life right now."

He also told PEOPLE that their real-life Shonda Rhimes crossover relationship — he stars in Grey's Anatomy while Savre stars in the spinoff Station 19 — “just kind of happened.”

Here is everything to know about Kevin McKidd and Danielle Savre’s relationship.

They Both Star In Shonda Rhimes-produced Programs

Kevin McKidd and Girlfriend Danielle Savre Share Vacation Video on Instagram

McKidd was cast in the Rhimes series Grey’s Anatomy in 2008 as Dr. Owen Hunt, a United States Army trauma surgeon. His character became a love interest for Sandra Oh’s Dr. Cristina Yang, and the couple contended with his war-related PTSD. In the years that followed, Hunt and Yang divorced, Oh departed the show and Hunt initiated a relationship with and subsequently married Dr. Teddy Altman, his close friend and fellow veteran.

Savre has been a member of the ensemble of the Rhimes series and Grey’s spinoff Station 19 since its premiere in 2018. Five years later, after directing an episode of the series, she told Phosphor magazine that portraying her character, Maya Bishop, has been a wonderful voyage.

“Playing Maya has taught me that you have to balance work and your personal life ... I’m probably a little bit too much of a workaholic, but it’s always been a priority, and Maya’s trajectory casts light on the reality that your personal life has to have its priorities too and there have to be boundaries," Savre said.

The duo have even had the opportunity to collaborate together several times. They first costarred on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy in the show’s 16th season in 2020, when Bishop was introduced at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Likewise, Hunt has made multiple appearances on Station 19, including crossover episodes, commencing in the series' third season in 2020.

They Began Dating In 2023

McKidd and Savre were observed embracing while on a trip in Italy in June 2023, though they didn’t officially affirm their relationship at the time.

A few weeks later, McKidd shared a compilation on Instagram from a voyage to the Lower Zambezi in Zambia and featured Savre in various romantic segments.

He captioned the video, “A million thank you’s to everyone @chiawasafaris & @howelltalentrelations for the trip of a LIFETIME! Your hospitality, knowledge, passion and humor made our excursion to the Lower Zambezi beyond our expectations. Our adventure was magnificent, awe inspiring, humbling and elevating, all because of you guys.”

Prior to courting Savre, McKidd has been married twice. The Grey’s Anatomy star and his ex-wife of 17 years, Jane Parker, formalized their divorce in 2017. They are parents to two children, Iona and Joseph. McKidd and his second wife, Arielle Goldrath, welcomed two children as well, a son named Aiden and a daughter named Nava. The couple announced their split in July 2022 and formalized their divorce 11 months later.

They Made Their Red Carpet Debut In November 2023

Kevin McKidd And Girlfriend Danielle Savre Share Vacation, 40% OFF

In November 2023, Savre and McKidd made things official when they stepped out together on the red carpet for the first time.

The duo attended the Global Down Syndrome Foundation's 15th Annual Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show in Denver, Colorado and posed for affectionate photos on the red carpet.

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They Enjoy To Travel Together

McKidd and Savre have traveled widely since they began dating. In addition to their voyage to Italy in early June 2023, they have also traveled to Zambia and the Dominican Republic.

The Trainspotting actor shared photographs and videos from their Caribbean vacation in August 2023 on Instagram. “Family, fun, sun and a bundle of laughs! What a wonderful family vacation!” he wrote in the caption.

Mckidd Has Said He’s "Lucky" To Have Savre

McKidd has been outspoken about his affection for Savre and how much he admires her.

While at The Walt Disney Company’s 2023 Emmy Awards celebration in Los Angeles, he told PEOPLE, “Everything's great. We're really pleased and she's a wonderful human being, so I feel fortunate on many levels in my life right now.”