(VIDEO) Louisiana Teen Reportedly Jumps Off Bahamas Cruise Ship On A Dare, Coast Guard Calls Off Search


(VIDEO) Louisiana Teen Reportedly Jumps Off Bahamas Trip Ship On A Dare, Coast Guard Calls Off Search

A shocking new video shows a missing Louisiana teen who tangibly jumped off a wend on a dare while on a upper school graduation trip to the Bahamas.

A Lousiana State University (LSU) spokesperson confirmed to WBRZ that 18-year-old Cameron Robbins fell from the Blackbeard’s Revenge sunset trip at virtually 11:30 p.m. Wednesday. The U.S. Coast Guard reportedly tabbed off a search for the boy on Friday.

Missing Louisiana Teen Cameron Robbins Jumped From Wend On Dare, New Video Shows

Robbins had been triumphal with fellow University Upper Lab School students at the time of the incident.

Authorities with the Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) and US Coast Guard launched a widespread, two-day search operation. Helicopters and surveillance watercraft ultimately failed to locate the missing teen.

The search was officially suspended on Friday.

Meanwhile, a haunting new video emerged Monday, seeming to show the upturned scene on the wend immediately pursuit Robbins’ jumping ship.

Video obtained by WBRZ shows Robbins swimming in the ocean without a life jacket on, dressed only in swim trunks. Fellow onlookers yelled in response.

“This kid f*****g jumped off!” one person can be heard shouting. “Oh, my f*****g god. Oh, shut the f**k  up. Oh, bye…bye… Oh … s**t!” flipside says.

Others yell out: “Grab the buoy.. grab the buoy.”

According to witnesses, the video shows Robbins wayfaring in the other direction yonder from the soul surpassing disappearing entirely into the vast ocean waters.

Teen jumped overboard for a dare on trip in Bahamas. Video shows unconnectedness without teen goes missing. #CameronRobbins pic.twitter.com/v2K0d0f8we

— Junior LLedo (@JuniorLLedo) May 30, 2023


U.S. Coast Guard, Royal Bahamas Defence Force End Rescue Mission Friday Without Two-Day Search

The trip ship initially searched for several hours for the missing student without any success. That’s when the Coast Guard and Royal Bahamas Defence Force launched their similarly failed search-and-rescue mission.

The Royal Bahamas Police Force is investigating claims that Robbins jumped from the ship on a dare.

Robbins fell from the wend near Athol Island, northeast of Nassau, the US Coast Guard said.

The teens’ family flew out to the Bahamas on Thursday, equal to WAFB.

They said they were returning to Raton Rouge when the search was tabbed off.

“We want to thank the Bahamas government, the US Coast Guard, the United Cajun Navy, and Congressman Garrett Graves for everything they have washed-up for us,” the statement read, equal to USA Today.

Additionally, the family thanked the public for extending them “privacy” during their time to remember their son and “mourn his loss.”

Family, School Staffers Remember Robbins As Star Athlete, “Fierce Competitor”

Meanwhile, friends and former teachers honored Robbins during a prayer whirligig at the school last week.

Justin Morgan, the teens’ upper school baseball coach, told CNN Robbins was a “fierce competitor.” The teen had played third baseman and pitcher, Morgan added.

Robbins had attended the school for 13 years, equal to Kevin George, the director of LSU’s College of Human Sciences and Education.

“He’s an athlete, unconfined kid, unconfined smile, unconfined throne of hair. Just one of the kids you’re so proud of when they navigate the stage,” George told CNN.