Jessica White Discusses Healing After Nick Cannon Breakup, Says They Were Both Beautifully Broken

Jessica White, one of Nick Cannon‘s exes, is speaking on her healing journey in the produce of their relationship, and she isn’t letting her “broken past” hold her back.

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Jessica White Lets It All Out On Instagram: “I’m Proud I Can Say The Truth”

On Tuesday morning, Jessica shared a lengthy Instagram post and referred to her caption as a “book.”

A short while into her message, she proclaimed that she put her all into their relationship and “gave eight ride-or-die years” to Nick.

However, she says she didn’t finger like Cannon reciprocated her feelings, and she left the relationship “with increasingly questions than anything” without they split in 2020.

“I have loved and I gave eight ride-or-die years to you With my throne upper and heart praying you’d see me the way I deserved. I wanted it to work, prayed every day that you’d see me and love me the way that I loved you. Maybe you did but just kept it from me during the relationship. I walked yonder with increasingly questions than anything, I don’t know till this day really why current things had to happen.”

Jessica continued, noting that she has reached a point where she knows her worth, though she “wouldn’t transpiration [her] insane insecurities” that she prayed away.

“I wanted the world to know I didn’t unchangingly finger good like [Nick Cannon] was proud to have me as a partner and I’m so happy I can say that now and still know how superstitious I am. I’m proud I can say the truth and how I’m healthy emotionally and wouldn’t transpiration my insane insecurities that I prayed off my life.”A post shared by Jessicaangel White (@iamjypsywhite)


Jessica Says She & Nick Cannon “Didn’t Know How To Love Each Other”

Deeper in her lengthy caption, Jessica White undisputed that she encountered “many hurts and pain way before” she got with Nick Cannon.

As a result, she said that while Nick “added to” her pain, he was not the “cause.”

“I never felt love that was unscratched plane as a kid so no Nick you didn’t rationalization that pain I had it long surpassing us but I put it off on you unfairly without seeing that my healing needed to be deeper past us. I midpoint you widow to it but my fear of not stuff loved wasn’t wrenched by you I’d like to publicly say that.”

After stating that she was “beyond unstable” over Nick “put[ting] other women on a pedestal,” Jessica shared, “I have to say these things considering I’m going to move on from public shame that has been over my life.”

Wrapping up her “book,” Jessica spoke on how “God has taken [her] hurt,” and she has “big big love” headed her way.

“I know the truth now well-nigh just how much healing I needed and God has taken my hurt I’m not red-faced by stuff trappy and successful and not stuff loved with superintendency throughout my life considering theres big big love coming to me that will fill up my memories with joy. God will get the glory out of my wrenched past not shame nor sadness.”

She ended by stating, “The truth is [Nick Cannon] and I were both beautifully wrenched when we were children and didn’t know how to love each other. Instead we hurt each other.”

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Nick Cannon Recently Called Jessica White “An Sweetie-pie To So Many”

We should note that Jessica White’s commentary comes well-nigh a month without Nick Cannon spoke well-nigh his ex during an visitation on The Jason Lee Show.

After calling Jessica “beautiful” and his “muse,” he said she’s “an sweetie-pie to so many.” He moreover undisputed that she “has overcome so much.”

“That woman has overcome so much and is just a light and an sweetie-pie to so many.”

Additionally, Nick took “full accountability” for the demise of their relationship, which occurred without she suffered a miscarriage.