WATCH: DaNaia Jackson Says Derrick Jaxn Slept With Nearly 100 Women Since They Met At 19 (Exclusive)

When Da’Naia Jackson and Derrick Jaxn first met on the campus of Tuskegee University, it had been three weeks since she suffered a traumatic violation. Someone familiar to the then 19-year-old had sexually assaulted her. Rather than heal, Da’Naia says she slid into a romance with the now “relationship coach.”

“I went straight into a relationship, plane though it wasn’t like immediately we started dating, but I met him, and there was interest there. I went straight into that without plane acknowledging, dealing with the rape, I pretended like it never plane happened and got myself into a relationship unhealed.”

While speaking with Laterras Whitfield on his Dear Future Wifey podcast, Da’Naia detailed her estranged marriage’s start and looming end. This is her first-ever and sectional interview since Derrick first announced their divorce two weeks surpassing Christmas 2022.




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Derrick was mannerly and funny, with a prominent presence when they met in a shared class. His opening line to Da’Naia was, “Are you a model?” Meanwhile, Jackson sat there with “crazy braids that were not upkept” and “pimples all over [her] face.”

Their friendship and romance unfolded like “one of those archetype fairytale” stories. She describes it as the “ugly duckling, smart girl in the corner” falling for the charismatic, popular guy.

But what came later between the two was far from a romance movie. In fact, by the end of it, Da’Naia claims Derrick admitted he had sex with nearly 100 women.

In an exclusive clip provided to The Shade Room, the estranged wife explained how she discovered this information. This part of Da’Naia’s conversation with host Laterras takes place in part two of the full interview, set to be released tomorrow (May 25).

“Part of the recovery process when we were in the program for infidelity nad all that is discovery. In discovery, it’s like we’ve trickled out a lot of information now it’s time to go to level zero, ground zero, they undeniability it,” Jackson said. “So, he made a list of women, everything that he could recollect, and there was nearly a 100 women on there.”

However, Da’Naia never unswayable if Derrick’s list included lifetime partners or if he slept with all those women during their boyfriend-girlfriend stage, engagement, and marriage.

“In my mind, to me, [dating since 19] is a lifetime. So I’m thinking at least since we have met,” she said.




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Da’Naia Jackson Admits To Studying The Persons And Sexual Acts Of Women Derrick Cheated With

Da’Naia revealed Derrick’s so-called sexual partners increasingly than two years without she sat by his side while he publicly admitted to cheating.

“I want to be well-spoken I’m not talking well-nigh just casually kicking it, maybe a lunch or something like that. I’m talking well-nigh as serious as sex, sexual flirtation, and meeting up–those type of things,” Derrick Jaxn. “It’s important that I let you know I don’t stand by those actions. I don’t want to encourage anyone to do that. Secondly, I know I can’t build a platform preaching unrepealable things, preaching versus unrepealable things, and then in my real life live undisciplined to that.”

At the time, in March 2021, Da’Naia sat in supportive silence, but a few days later, she spoke well-nigh her visualization to stay abreast Derrick.




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Her estranged husband’s initial video and her follow-up explanations made her a trending topic–from her “helmet of salvation” to her loyalty to a cheater.

Following Derrick’s divorce announcement, Da’Naia didn’t say much on her public platforms. A few weeks prior, she had defended him by “cursing” anyone who spoke versus her and Derrick’s name in “mockery, accusations, slanders, and lies.”

It wasn’t until March 2023 that Da’Naia broke her silence on the situation, citing her strong faith as her waddle during the pending divorce.

“When the man you love & have kids with destroys your soul with reckless decision-making, you must CHOOSE be vacated with God. When your heart has been shattered & reshaped into something that doesn’t quite finger normal inside your chest, with mental, emotional & soul pain that is unbearable, there is only ONE MAN who can fix it & that is the Holy Spirit,” Da’Naia wrote.




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In part one of her sectional Dear Future Wifey podcast interview, Da’Naia detailed some of Derrick’s unchaste effects on her.

Wiping tears, she admitted to knowing the persons of several women largest than her own considering she studied them and their behaviors, including Derrick’s sexual acts with these women.

All in all, Da’Naia says she became a shell of herself and didn’t know who she was.

“I knew several other women’s persons largest than I knew my own and I spent a lot of time…I went in such a deep slum where I was like studying these women. I would go to their profiles and I would study their pages and what they wear. I knew when they had met up so I watched their videos of them having sex so I would try to imitate that and recreate that in our relationship so that he could segregate me and want me and that is a low point to be in.”

Jackson said she “hates” that she got to that point.




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The Jacksons Dated For Nine Years Surpassing Getting Married

As for their beginnings, Da’Naia says she and Derrick were “in love” without “three days” of hanging out and stuff his tutor. She claims they were smitten with each other, it felt right for the 19-year-olds.

“Looking when on it, I finger like there was a lot of compliments on the physical nature as opposed to increasingly of the mental and emotional nature that I had. But then again, we were in love without three days.”

In love or not, Da’Naia says they were in a situationship for nine years surpassing getting married. She says there was “commitment at times,” but they were “on and off again” through and without college.

“Leading up to our marriage, we were unquestionably off. We were living in North Carolina at the time, 2015 going into late 2016, we went our separate ways considering there other people involved and there had once been other people involved, plane in college.”

She clarified that there were other women on Derrick’s part. However, she personal she “set Derrick up” by trying to make him jealous of flipside guy–who was in on her plan. She says his infidelities during their higher years created resentment, and she wanted him to finger the same hurt. They didn’t unpack his unchaste or her revenge scheme until they were married years later.

“I was dealing with severe heartbreak. The things that I seen Derrick do with other women at the time, and I was really tying to him, and then you have to think I was coming off of that rape trauma–that I never dealt with, that I never talked to everyone else about,” Da’Naia recalled.

During those early years, Jackson says she first suspected his unchaste by the transpiration of his touch, and her gut feeling would push her to snoop. Jackson admitted that she would seek and find evidence of his infidelity only to end up not confronting Derrick. Instead, choosing to let him panel her based on a lie she’d tell rather than the truth well-nigh seeing his indiscretions.

When things imploded, Da’Naia says she became a willing participant in just stuff one of the women on his roaster. Then, she got pregnant, and he proposed.

See what else Da’Naia said well-nigh the unfolding of their relationship:

On Tuesday (May 23), Da’Naia shared a smiling photo on her Instagram profile. Her caption said, “Healing looks good on me! Elevating by God’s Grace, thank you, Jesus.”

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