Exclusive: SECRET NUMBER Chat all Things DOXA and How They Prepare for Comebacks

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On Wednesday the 24th May, SECRET NUMBER released their trademark new single tome DOXA. In which, it features a very special single defended to LOCKEY tabbed “Beautiful One”. SECRET NUMBER are a six member girl group who made their debut in May 2020. DOXA is their first Korean comeback this year without they made their Japanese debut in March. We got to caht with SECRET NUMBER and ask them all well-nigh DOXA and how they prepare for comeback and promotion time. Carry on reading to find out what they said.


The first question is, just how are you today?

LÉA: Yeah, today’s our comeback day and we just did our first music show, so we are very excited to, you know, protract this promotion. With the new single, we’re very happy.

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We are loving it at CelebMix so far. So, can you tell us well-nigh the concept and inspiration overdue this latest single album?

JINNY: At first when I heard the guy version of the track, uh, wrote originally just well-nigh poison, I really liked the idea of the poison stuff the main theme of the song. So, I thought that was unquestionably nice. So, I branched out all the ideas of the things that can be related to poison so then I came wideness the though of a poisonous snake which is ‘dogsa’ in Korean. So, I made the connection between the poison and the poisonous snake and incorporated that into the story of a toxic relationship. So, in order to portray that, we decided to show the good and evil side of us. In order to show the good side and moreover the toxic and horrible side of love. So that is the main thing our new single is about.

How would you say it differs from your previous releases in terms of music style and the overall message?

MINJI: I think compared to our previous release ‘Tap’. Because ‘Tap’ was a melodically, like a increasingly lyrical sound persay. With DOXA it starts off with a very powerful instrumental and it’s a increasingly powerful track making a comparison to the previous album. So I think that’s the biggest difference.

“Beautiful One” is your first fan song defended to your fandom. How did the idea for this song come well-nigh and what does it midpoint to you to express your appreciation to your fans through music?

JINNY: At first when I heard the original version of the song, it originally just was a generic kinda love song. I sat there and thought well-nigh who are we this thankful for? It is LOCKEY’s our fandom. I wanted to dedicate this song and this message to our fans. So I widow a rap verse to it so that I can make it into a fan song. So the inspiration came from “Who are we most thankful for at this point?” Moreover that it was the year-end of three years. So we wanted to requite when the love that we are unchangingly showered with by our fans. So I think it was a unconfined time to release a fan song.

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So, you have recently prestigious your third-year anniversary. Congratulations. How has your journey as a group evolved since your debut and what have you learned withal the way?

JINNY: I finger like the yoke between our members is really stronger now, as a team more. As a team, between all of us I think we grew a lot. The effort we put in, we unchangingly put in a lot of effort, and as a team distribute between all of us, I think we grew a lot.

DITA: So we’re realising increasingly that, we have the same goal. That’s why our teamwork is getting better.

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As artists, what do you hope listeners will take yonder from the songs on the new release, both in terms of emotions and personal connection?

MINJI: I think the overall message for this single would be, that you are not alone. Like as for DOXA, it’d well-nigh venomous love and like poisonous love. That is this infinite trundling of breaking up and making up. And I hope you know, if you are in this situation of poisonous love. I hope you can really relate to this song by listening to it and knowing that you are not the only one who is going through it, and we are all gonna be there and really relate to you as well. So towers that connection. Moreover for the fan song, it’s a variegated type of connection but we moreover wanna tell our fans that you are not alone. Like we are, SECRET NUMBER is unchangingly with you. So it’s like a variegated meaning of the you are not alone, but the overall theme and main message that we want to send to our listeners and to our fans is that you can relate by listening to our songs and you are not alone. We are unchangingly gonna be there for you.

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What goals and aspirations do you have for this release, both as individuals and as a group?

DITA: When we release new music it unchangingly our goal. To get SECRET NUMBER’s name increasingly out there and to get increasingly people to listen to our music and be a part of our family.

How do you prepare yourselves for the comeback and promotion period? Are there any specific routines or practices you follow to ensure a successful release?

JINNY: We would come out and we would practice all together for about, a good five hours every single day. Sometimes increasingly than that, sometimes the entire day. We would practice dancing and singing live every single day surpassing our release.

As a latter question, what would you like to say to your fans and listeners who may be reading?

ZUU: Our lovely fans. Thank you so much for waiting. We are when with the new single, so let’s have fun on our promotion period. And to all readers of CelebMix, thank you for reading this interview and I hope you listen. Check, out our new single, and by listening to the title track and “Beautiful One”, I just want you to know that you are not alone, like we are here for you. Please requite a lot of support and love to secret number.

MINJI, ZUU and SOODAM: *making hearts with hands*


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We can not wait to see what is next from SECRET NUMBER. If you have not once listened to their music, DOXA is definitely worth a listen with the powerful write-up that instantly has you hooked.

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